Launching our new blog and journal

The African Journal of Society & Governance has emerged from discussions between academics, students, policy makers and activists from all parts of Africa.  It aims to encourage intellectual debate and publishing by individuals living and working in Africa.  All contributions will be peer-reviewed and open access. We will be working on getting the journal listed on international citations indexes.  We now invite submissions from contributors.


Down with NGOs??? More civil society needed?

Another interesting and passionate debate on Duncan Green’s blog- this time on criticism of NGOs as agents of poverty reduction.  It clearly hits a nerve!

Read the paper that sparked the debate here: bwpi-wp-17112

JEFCAS picks up the theme of NGO effectiveness in panel at the African Studies Association Conference in Leeds (UK) tomorrow exploring relationships between Southern and Northern NGO discourse.

Moses Okech will dissect the contraversial Invisible Children youtube viral video on the LRA in Northern Uganda, Job Akuni will  the engagement of African Diaspora organisations in doing ‘development’ and Andrew Mushi of Mzumbe University, Tanzania will argue that NGOs and the aid business on which they are founded hinder more than help sustainable and genuine development.  We will make the presentations available here when the conference finishes.

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New Research Assistants at CeSGO

Four students persuing MSc Development Policy and Practice for Civil Society  at MzumbeUniversity -Dar Es Salaam Campus  College under Mzumbe-Bradford  Collaboration Programme, have joined CeSGO to undertake their field attachment  as a part of the Module known as Working in the Third Sector (WTS). These are Ghatti Matiku, Silas Kyabona, Wilhelm Ringia,and Husna Nyange. CeSGO is so pleased to have this new team in place.  They will be with the centre until  mid August 2012. It’s expected of them to bring in fresh new ideas,both challenging and inspirational.

You are  most Welcome!

Dr Andrew Mushi

CeSGO Director